Applicable in different ways

The SSM has several potential applications. They are potential applications, because the current development phase of the SSM requires further research for a number of the applications described below.
A tool to chart the self-sufficiency of the individual client
The client is rated once with the SSM; the score provides insight into the self-sufficiency.
Progress and development
A tool to determine the development of an individual client
The SSM is used at least twice for a client at different times. The difference between two scores provides insight into the progress and development of the client.
A tool to assign an individual client to an intervention
The client is rated once with the SSM. If the score complies with a criterion that was set for a specific intervention, the client can be assigned to that intervention.
Set treatment targets
A tool to set treatment targets for the individual client.
The SSM is used once with a client. The practitioner determines the probable achievable self-sufficiency and expresses this as a virtual score for a future measurement moment.
Routine Outcome Monitoring (rom)
A tool to monitor the results and outcome of an intervention.
The SSM is used at least twice for a group of clients that is assigned to a certain intervention. The effect of the intervention on the group can be evaluated by comparing group scores over time.
Guidelines for interventions
A tool to set targets for an intervention.
Care providers can express the anticipated results of an intervention in (difference) scores on the SSM. Performance agreements with financers of care can be specified and standardized in this manner.

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