Completing the SSM can take place following an intake, progress or exit interview. The interview topics need to cover all the domains of the Self-Sufficiency Matrix, therefore it is wise to keep the Self-Sufficiency Matrix at hand during the interview. For every domain, ask about the current situation of the client, whether and which professional help the client receives for any issues. Complete the score form immediately after the interview.
Base your opinion on the information you obtained during the interview and on information available from record systems (e.g. information regarding insurance and income). If you cannot arrive at an opinion on the basis of this information, we recommend you consult other members of the team of practitioners. It is important that you base your score on the situation and the status of the client at this moment. ‘Old’ information, of more than 30 days prior to the assessment, about the client can generally be excluded when you assess the current self-sufficiency.

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