Requirements for users

Requirements for users
The SSM is a free tool, and anyone is welcome to download the SSM and to implement within his or her organization. However, we would like to draw your attention to the following points.
Planning to use the SSM? Mail us!
We would appreciate it enormously if you could inform us when you decide to use the SSM. Please do so by sending a message to
Please do not amend the SSM yourself
When you study the SSM in more detail, you may arrive at the conclusion that some domains seem less applicable, that others domains seem missing, or that the formulation of some answer categories seems unfortunate for your specific area of work. In those cases we advise users not to amend the SSM themselves, because we would like to prevent various versions of the SSM coming into circulation; this would limit the mutual comparability of your and our results. Furthermore, the SSM is still fully under development and we would like to keep control of this process. We would request users who come across these type of issues to contact the SSM team (, which is collecting these issues in the framework of the continuous development of the SSM.
Practice makes perfect
We recommend professionals who plan to use the SSM to practice its use a few times. There are strong indications that this improves the reliable use of the SSM. You can practice by using the training module on the website [link]. If you require more explanations or training, you can always approach the SSM team. The SSM team offers on-the job-training, which consists of a comprehensive explanation of the background of the SSM and the manner in which the various domains have to be scored. Practicing with one or more fictitious cases is an important aspect of the training sessions as well. A training session takes 1.5 to 2 hours (depending on the number of exercises) and is intended for 10-15 participants. Ask the SSM team for information ( about the possibilities and costs of training in your organiztion.
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