Is it possible to adjust the content of the SSM to my target population or care supply?

No, you can not adjust the content of the SSM. The determination of domain names and the corresponding score-criteria which have a meaning for a broad group of users, requires a systematically and scientifically founded approach. All aspects (concerning the content) of the SSM are chosen accurately and add to the reliability and usefulness of the instrument. The omission of domains, the addition of domains or changes made to the (content of) the domains decrease the construct validity of the instrument and with that, the valid and reliable scores of the level of self-sufficiency. In addition, the main goals of the SSM are to promote the use of one language within the public care sector and to provide one standard in measuring results. We would like to prevent the circulation of different versions of the SSM as much as possible. Substantial changes made to the SSM would make the achievement of these goals impossible.
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