Is the SSM applicable in determining the level of self-sufficiency of people with a superannuation age?

The SSM is applicable to people with superannuation age, however, the variety of scores in (at least) one domain, namely that of Day-time activities, is very limited: normally these people are not employed and do not receive an education. Therefore, in this domain, they can score a 2 at the most. This limited variety in scores in the domain of Day-time activities has to be taken into account when setting goals for treatment and in expectations concerning the development of the elderly. Moreover, it should be prevented that an older person scores just a 1 in this domain.
With additional domains, specially developed for people above superannuation age, the SSM will be better applicable in practice and will be more relevant to professionals, policymakers and researchers who work within the field of the elderly health care. However, the development of new, additional domains is a structured and time consuming process. The determination of a domain name and the corresponding score-criteria which have a meaning for a broad group of users, requires a systematically and theoretically founded approach. It is expected that these additional domains will be developed in the course of 2013.
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