Is the standard score form for the SSM available in a digital format?

We advise you to integrate the SSM and its scores into the registers and programs which are already in use within your institute or organisation, since its usefulness is among others dependent on the ease of the entering the input of the assessment in the database. The more actions are necessary to enter the assessment, the less user-friendly the SSM will be. This will influence (on the long term) the completeness and the reliability of the SSM scores. For users and other persons who are interested, and who have not yet integrated the SSM into their computer information system, the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD Amsterdam) has developed an data-entry programme in Microsoft Access. If you have Microsoft Access (2003 or higher) at your disposal and you would like to make use of the entry programme, or whenever you have questions or would like to get advise about integrating the SSM into your registration system, please contact us via
P  +31 (0)55 - 368 98 00
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